Design Journal

Welcome to my writing space.

I think the idea of a blog can sometimes be a bit daunting for some types of writing so I’ve decided to keep design journalsI also enjoy coalescing my thoughts and design ideas into short design fictions, if you’d prefer reading stories over hastily scrawled notes

on various topics, here I will share small thoughts, big thoughts, and everything in-between.

And, inspired by Keita’s Quick Ideas, I also like to keep a “Quick Ideas” notebook under each topic for small, rough, and silly ideas—sometimes the sillier the better!

Future of Computing

Coming soon!


Quick Ideas: City Fragments

🖹 Meta-form: Cities, Metaphors, and Sustainability


Quick Ideas: Micro Learning Futures

🗐 Digital Spaces Blog Club
🖹 What makes a campus? (1/2)
🖹 What makes a campus? (2/2)
🖹 Cyberspace to cyberplace
🖹 Places of the imagination
🖹 Mitosis of Minds


Quick Ideas: Cozyroom Quick Ideas

🖹 Modding Staircase (Quick Idea #81)


Quick Ideas: A Shot of Morpheme

🖹 Architecture of Writing
🖹 Writing as distilled thought