What Makes a Campus?

Part One: Exploration

Last updated 2 years ago

In a campus there’s many people, you see people aboutsense of presence

In a campus there’s many spaces, resources, workshops sense of opportunity

In a campus there are many teachers, mentors, and knowing studentssense of mentorship / network / community

In a campus there are many classes, you can supposedly decide which ones to takea sense of choice

In a campus you have a chance to bump into or hang out with your friends, and the possibility in some cases of forming deeper relationshipsa sense of connection / friendship

In a campus you are outside the expectation or pressure that your work is for a particular job (though unfortunately grades often lead to less risk-taking and experimentation)a sense of freedom

In a campus there is often a library, a place to study, meet, or seek knowledgea sense of knowledge / coziness / third place

In a campus there are often lots of clubs you can joina sense of subcultures

In a campus you have the possibility of branching out or pushing yourself out of a single discipline, try different things outa sense of dabbling

In summary:

Next up: I will be exploring digital equivalents for each aspect, figuring out exactly how a digital space can exhibit similar feeling or characteristics to a physical campus but in a uniquely digital way

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