Digital Spaces Blog Club

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Welcome to the digital spaces blog club! Some questions we’re exploring together:


The questions above are just a sample of some of the questions we’ve put forward in our prompts for this blog club, read these two prompts for more context and exploration:

Digital Cities (Jon — 2021/09/20)
Digital Campus (Azlen — 2021/09/21)

What makes a campus? [1/2] (Azlen — 2021/09/21)
What makes a campus? [2/2] (Azlen — 2021/09/22)
Cyberspace to cyberplace (Azlen — 2021/10/05)
Places of the imagination (Azlen — 2021/10/05)

Message @azlenelza on twitter if you want to contribute or add a piece of your own, I will be continuing to edit this page to add new pieces as they are written.

Also, everyone who writes something here will get added to a “contributor’s corner” group chat to give each other feedback and discuss further!