Goodbye Twitter

Last updated 10 months ago

I don’t have a single reason for leaving, it’s just that I’m running out of reasons to stay.

Twitter has been amazing, I have met so many friends here, and it has opened up so many wonderful opportunities — but it has also drained me, I’ve felt less creative and stressed about meaningless things. Using twitter is like panning for gold, an activity just dull enough to be engaging, but not dull enough to give way to boredom.

The thing is, I want to be bored. I get new ideas when I’m bored — it gives space for thoughts to surface, for new connections to be made. Being bored (and just a little bit curious about everything) is a frame of mind ripe for creativity!

I always wanted to share little glimpses into my vision for the future of interfaces, and the spaces around us. To explore, together, how we can make technology that feels just a little bit more human. That brings out the unique eccentricities within each of us— but looking back it’s clear to me that I’ve only just barely scratched tip of this iceberg, if even at all.

“it’s time to move in the write direction” as my friends and I jokingly say. I want a medium through which I can learn, and share what I find — something which lets me communicate from the depths of my mind. I’ll write, make videos, share ideas in many forms, I’ll start a newsletter, a blog, or collective brainstorms (on twitch?) who knows? I want to start a conversation that’s greater than myself, to not just take out but put _new_ideas back on the shelf.

And I don’t want to do it alone.

I hope you’ll follow along for the journey, wherever it might lead. I think I’ll start a webring, a kind of connective substrate between each other’s digital workshops and research journals. A newsletter too to share recent writings and projects now and then. I have big plans for the next couple years, and even bigger visions for the future…

And if you really do enjoy the things that I make, I’ve just set up a little Ko-fi page to accept donations if that floats your boat (because it will definitely help float mine!)