August 01, 2019

These are riddles I have written, some might be easy, others could be quite difficult. Please try to solve them before inspecting for the answer.


Through air I am shaped, by hands and breath
Often present in celebration or after death
Like a tide I lap at the shores of your mind
But to truly see me, you must be blind


I met a strange creature in a far off land
Who always covered their face with their hands
Every so often they’d get up and yell
But just what they said, I never could tell

What are they?


Rich people have lots of it
Everyone else wishes they had more of it
But if you in it right now, you'd die


Wingless it soars
Soundless it falls

Heavier than a mountain
Lighter than a rock

Bigger than a city
Smaller than a sock


Held up by a column, a modest home
Two windows, a door, and a dome
Within its attic a treasure is held
A portal to another world


Born from water, dry as stone
Place where all the mountains roam
Sing and whistle, howl and roar
What seemed to be, is no more