Music Suppresses Thought

Last updated 2 years ago

I never understood music, I never had “musical tastes”… why? I’ve always spent much of my life inside my head, spent much of my time thinking and exploring the space of ideas. When I was young I found that music prevented me from thinking, and thus I stayed away from it.

This however, can be used as a tool. Sometimes it can be useful not to think. For example, I often get distracted by stray ideas and then fall down a rabbit-hole away from what I was supposed to be doing; listening to some ambient music in the background can help keep me focused on the task at hand, preventing stray thoughts popping into my head. Or perhaps I want to focus on a mundane, repetetive task: listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or songs with lyrics here can likewise help keep me focused without getting restless or remembering something else I want to be doing.