Favourite Software


Notion is cross between a personal wiki, productivity tool, and Google Docs. I found it after deciding one day to clean up my digital workspace and have found it immensely useful to organize my ideas, projects, writing, and more.

All the content on this website actually resides within my Notion workspace and I use a script I wrote to pull the content from Notion and generate a static website.


Figma is a design tool similar to Sketch or Adobe Illustrator combined with Google Docs collaborative editing capabilities. It is super convenient to access from anywhere with its online interface.

As of August 2019, Figma now supports plugins! These range from adding maps into your designs to a full animation editor, and everything in-between.


Ronin is a code-based image-editing tool being developed by Devine Lu Linvega.

Someday, I dream of forking this project and adding a video timeline so that I can use the tool to code motion graphics and see the immediate results.

Listen Audiobook Player

Solid audiobook player for Android devices which I have used to listen to hundreds upon hundreds of hours of audiobooks.