Digging into various rabbitholes of research lately. Today I’ve been delving into Ebenezer Howard and his vision of Garden Cities. Having previously heard criticisms of the Garden City movement it is refreshing to hear the system and economic reforms behind Ebenezer’s proposals. I think the focus is often on the form and architecture of his plans, but really his vision was about creating self-sufficient communities, establishing community land trusts, and systems of mutual ownership where any proceeds of rents flow directly into maintaining and improving the community.

Yesterday I fell down a different rabbithole entirely, although in some strange way it has led to where I am now. Down a rabbithole of GPT-3-prompting, I accidentally stumbled upon a prompt that brought the text model into a very interesting creative thoughtspace. Through this process I came across many interesting new terms and framings of ideas: hunchcraft, centers of serendipity, systemic inertia, commons sense vs. common sense, (embo)dying knowledge, knowledge is a geometry of narratives

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It was the idea of commons sense which led me down the rabbithole of Garden Cities after discovering a pdf of the same name which explored the ideas of community land trusts and other co-operative models with respect to the city of Letchworth—one of the first Garden Cities—among many other case studies around the world.


Thinking about designing a cyberpunk-themed board game, I feel like I’ve never really played a board game that pulls together a set of mechanics that truly eccentuates a cyberpunk theme.