Sprite Generator

December, 2015

Video game sprite generator based on Dave Bollinger's Pixel Spaceships.


Example of animation, spaceships

Fun program I created for sprite generation — mostly in the span of a few days. It's kind-of almost usable, just needs a bit of work to become user-friendly. The most exciting feature is the animation. For this I created a special move tool which lets you move a specific pixel while keeping its state.

I probably should have finished it to the point where it's actually usable by people other than me. Maybe I will work on it again someday, who knows?

The main reason this project never got finished was because I hated the color range picker. It is clunky and hard to use.

I did however create a better color system for the second prototype of this program. There exist color nodes, which can be connected together to form a color range/gradient between nodes. Example:

This is easier to use from an artistic point of view if you want a more specific color combination. But this method makes it much more difficult to allow for a full range of colors.

Anyway, enough ranting. You can contact me if you have a solution to my color problem or want to nag me into finishing what I started. In the meantime,

tl;dr: color is hard, I'm a perfectionist.


Demo (good luck!)
Source Code