Stuff I have made,
Shiny, dull, smallish, big-ish;
A graveyard, of sorts.

Generative Business Cards (Aug. 2018)
Experiment in teaching computer program to design business cards.

Pattern Generator (Feb. 2018)
Pattern generator through iterative combination.

Cthulhu Tarot (mid 2017 - present)
78 card tarot deck inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

azlen.me (Jan. 2018)
This website.

Interactive Comic Editor (Sep. 2017)
Experimental editor for making comics for the web. Allowing for embedded media and interactive features.

Nymero (Oct. 2016)
Tool to help remember long numbers using Mnemonic Major System.

Perceptual Shift Ambigrams (Mar. 2016)
Combine two words into a single word that can be read as either.

Sprite Generator (Dec. 2015)
Video game sprite generator based on Dave Bollinger's Pixel Spaceships.

Frequency (Jun. 2014)
Frequency visualization based on XKCD 1331.

Video Games

Check out my video game demo reel.

Embol (Dec. 2017)
Game about social anxiety. Made for Ludum Dare 40: The more you have, the worse it is.

Resistance (Dec. 2017)
You are an LED shooting other LEDs. Made for Ludum Dare 39: Running out of Power.

Baba Yaga (Aug. 2017)
Game inspired by witch from Russian folklore. Made for Ludum Dare 36: Ancient Technology.

Klonos (Aug. 2015)
Made for Ludum Dare 33: You are the monster.

Gloom (Apr. 2015)
(broken) Another audio game using old audio API. Made for Ludum Dare 32: Unconventional Weapon.

Silo (Dec. 2014)
(buggy) Fun game about killing monsters by farming? Made for Ludum Dare 31: Entire Game on One Screen.

Necronimously Evil (Dec. 2012)
(broken) Audio game using old browser audio APIs. Made for Ludum Dare 25: You are the Villain.