Research Questions

Last updated 1 year ago

I’m on a journey to explore how computer interfaces can be made more malleable so as to give users agency and control over the digital spaces they spend their time in. After several years of wandering, I have decided to take a more methodical approach to studying and exploring the future of computing.

This page will be separated into three sections: cold (🧊), hot (🔥), and logs (🪵) — where “hot” are the burning questions currently on the burner so-to-speak; cold ones are on ice as I’ve thought about, answered, or moved onto other avenues of exploration; and logs are the questions I’m stumped by— perhaps longer-term unanswered questions in this space.

Icebox 🧊

These are questions that were once burning avenues of exploration but have cooled and solidified in my mind; being preserved until a later date when they might connect to solve some of my bigger challenges.

Burning Questions 🔥

What are the burning questions on my mind?

Stumps 🪵

What are the big questions stumping me in this space?