Motion Canvas Discord Notes

Last updated 12 months ago

Wave Surfer

While not particularly relevant to the use of Motion Canvas, this library could be useful to us in any audio-related experiments of my own in the future.

Colour Tween

Local Server for Audio

Using Images

Pausing on Keydown

Probably no reason why this would ever come in handy, but it’s interesting!

Perhaps I could use something like this to create tools to hijack / draw directly onto the canvas with playback velocity.

Transcode video w/ Audio

Mac M1

Probably not an issue anymore but in-case I have any troubles running it on my laptop:


Konva might not be forever

Adding video

Rendering rectangles and other shapes

Where to find docs

Rendering code in videos

Changing video size + transparency

Origin is in the middle, but can be aligned

Creating arrows

Connections are better?

Sequence for group of items appearing one at a time

Stay in one browser

Motion Canvas Long Shadow Example Code

Demipixel shared some code in this Pastebin

Source code for Jacob’s Video

This will be an invaluable learning resource:

Better image handling + mp3/ogg

Benefits of Motion Canvas

Applying blur to image

Animating Arrows

Timing is independent from framerate

One way to tween text

Running on every frame

Hold shift when moving time events

Most elements have opacity

LinearLayout direction

Understanding how Konva api maps to JSX

Multiple projects in same package