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I just wanted to make a page of metaphors I liked. Thanks for stopping by!

The sense the the city is the ground from which we all may flourish. We are like plants, laying down roots in a place.
Unlike the prevalent CITY AS AN ORGANISM metaphor which sees the city as alive, the CITY AS SOIL metaphor recognize that the city is not alive, but it’s the people who bring life to the city. It also recognizes this kind of cyclical process, just as a plant eventually dies and decomposes—enriching the soil for all those around it—there is a sense that people both benefit from and give back to the soil of a city.
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Bouldering gyms, in my mind, are fantastic learning environments: a mix of skill levels, problem-based learning, a friendly atmosphere where people chat about how to solve different challenges. This metaphor invokes a very different conception of classroom than we have today: one where people are all about the space solving problems, talking to each other
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