This page is is currently a work in process. I hope that it will become evolving repository for my future learning efforts, not only to document what I learn and link to integral resources, books, or media, but also to describe and organize my thoughts on how I will approach learning certain topics.


Micro Learning Futures

A month-long challenge over November 2019; each day I will write a short design concept around the idea of building future learning platforms. These could be design modifications to existing tools (e.g. forums or video conferencing) to make them more conducive as a learning environment, concepts for new learning tools, ways to improve current educational institutions or learning spaces within cities, or anything which relates in some way to imagining new futures for learning.


Researching, writing, and thinking about a video series I plan to create exploring the intersection between cities and psychology. More info and resources soon...


My projects generally stem from three ‘pillars’ of interest: the mind, city, and education. These interests also form the longer-term goals which I am interested in exploring further: