I am still very much a beginner in learning Chinese and am starting become conversational at a basic level. I'm not following any specific learning path (textbook, HSK, etc.) but probably know, recognize, and can write maybe at least few hundred characters and words. My approach to learning is focused on learning both spoken and written language simultaneously because I am particularly fascinated by characters and how they combine in different ways. In addition, learning to read and write creates a plethora of connections which only help to reinforce memory of spoken language as well.

I'm not entirely sure what the collaborative structure of this will be, and likely this will depend on the goals and learning level of other participants. I will certainly be willing to spending a few dedicated hours a week towards memorizing/writing hanzi, and another hour or two to practice conversation together or alongside a native speaker on italki .

If you're studying Chinese too and would like study partner(s) to learn together and increase your accountability, feel free to join!