Architecture of Writing

What can writing learn from techniques of cinematography, or the artful meal preparation of a skilled chef? Whether painting, architecture, or musical composition, every skill has its own methods and techniques with which to communicate. In this course we will be reaching our inky tendrils across the blurry boundaries between disciplines to bring new writing techniques and styles to life! What does it look like to write from different camera angles? or construct an essay as you would build out a physical space?

Experimenting with my own writing process and style has been a key part of my own approach to writing, and I am personally excited to collaborate with a small group of likewise curious people as we bounce around ideas and metaphors, and work towards writing our own piece—whether essay, story, or set of poems—using the techniques we develop in the first half of the course.

Planning to launch early October and will run for 6 weeks, please fill out the form linked below if you're interested and we'll be in touch!