Learning Comics

Last updated 10 months ago

“Learning is, in essence, a process moving in the wrong direction.”

“You start out with a feeling that the world is chaotic and strange, that you know next to nothing and lack the ability to make sense of it all.”

“So you search and struggle and take in new information in order to make it a comprehensible part of you.”

“In time, the universe starts to blur together and ideas can effortlessly find their place amongst all the chaos.”

“Until finally, you understand your surroundings, making what felt unfamiliar and strange, now familiar and intuitive.”

“Trying to learn things is hard. Pretending to learn them is fun.”

“Studying is boring. Sifting through the required information is tedious. Most of the time, I just want to go play.”

“But if I can make the process of learning something feel more like PLAY – then it becomes a lot more fun!”

“By taking what I’ve already acquired, and putting it into a game-like format or challenge – I can make it fun, and make it easier to learn.”

“Games can distract us and make our minds wander, but used right, they can also focus our attention and help us to retain the information more easily.”