Research Lab

Seven Plus or Minus Two

Last updated 10 months ago

There is a chance. If a small group of people build a small but strong foundation. A foundation for the future of software built on a small set of powerful principles and an even more powerful dream. Like moths to a flame we will gather around that dream, we will gather and it will grow brighter, brighter, brighter, until it envelops the world in its light and we see the software of today as it really was: with its cracks and brittleness, riddled with bugs of generations. We’ll look around at the world and wonder how did we not realize it sooner? how did we not see? it was so simple, and yet the simplest things are often the hardest to imagine

Seven Plus or Minus Two is a small research lab exploring the future of computing, crafting digital tools to empower anyone to create and tell their own stories in new ways.

The lab itself does not exist yet, only manifested as an idea in the imaginations of a small group of collaborators.