Dear Robots

Last updated 10 months ago

A long time ago, I dreamt of making a webcomic.

And the next panelWhy does my handwriting always seem so much nicer in the past?


I’ve always had this idea that it’d be fun to make a webcomic that fully embraces the medium of the internet — whether through responsive layouts or interactive elements,Many years back I even had been experimenting with crafting an entire editor specifically for making interactive comics

and this comic was no different.

I wanted this webcomic to be a place to document my projects, both visually and interactively. Here, for example, I envision a panel through which one might’ve been able to interact with my experiments around perceptual shift ambigrams:

Who knows? maybe someday I’ll circle back around to the idea of making a webcomic; or maybe not. It’s fun nonetheless to look back on this work. It captures for me a particular moment for me, an air of possibility during my time at art school; a crossroads as I was trying to figure out my place in the worldThis process, it never really ends does it?

I imagine on some level we’re all still fumbling around to find our place in the world. Although our perception in relation to ourselves might shift, I’m sure I’ll look back in ten years and reflect on how clueless I am now. And then ten years from then, and again, and so on.


I found it funny at the time that I was “thinking inside the box” with this project so-to-speak, and it makes me think that there are many other boxes through which to think and document one’s work: through writing or comics, audio, video, performance, or song — perhaps this may serve, if anything, as a reminder to myself to more freely experiment with the mediums through which I express my ideas.